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Travelling with a nanny

Childcare Group Africa allows the flexibility for its existing clients and those of its holiday nanny package to travel with their assigned nannies within Kenya. When it comes to travelling across borders however, it is important that the company be issued with advance notice so that all necessary arrangements are made ahead of time with all relevant authorities.

The client will also be required to sign a vacation contract with Childcare Group Africa (different from the regular contract) before travelling.

It is upon the already existing clients to verify that his/her nanny has a passport and all the visas she needs. If a nanny does not have a passport, the company will help facilitate the process to acquire one but at the client’s expense. This is different for the holiday nanny clients as most of the holiday nannies already have passports in their possession.

Remember that just because it is vacation for you and your family, it is still working time for the nanny, work that is likely made more difficult by the unfamiliar food, surroundings and break from routine. The nanny is still responsible for the household chores she would normally do in your home but to make it easier for her, we recommend that a comprehensive list of specific duties that maybe required of her while travelling be prepared and a copy shared with our office.

For the already existing clients, travelling across borders with the nanny attracts 50% extra pay from the normal pay.

If travelling with another family and the nanny is required to care for extra children, then double pay. Other expenses to be borne by the client include the nanny’s airfare and other fares, accommodation, entrance fees, meals while on and off duty, and at least two brief telephone calls/week home for the travelling nanny.

The client must also review any special safety issues related to their destination e.g. bottled water and security issues.

Finally, while travelling, remember to allow the nanny enough rest so that she’s better rested and more mentally available to care for your children the following day.