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Special Needs Nanny

At Childcare Group Africa, we believe that people with special needs need not be treated any differently from the rest, and more so children. Indeed, it is in their formative years that we must truly exhibit unreserved confidence in their abilities and endeavor to enable them excel and deserve.

It is for this reason that we allocate extensive periods of time in our training program so as to educate our nannies on how to nurture, constructively interact and engage with these little dear ones. Whether you require this service at your home or day care, you will indeed be glad that you invited us to partner with you in this noble course.

Here’s a little of what you may expect from our special needs nanny;

Offer personalized attention in;

    1. The creation of a safe and hygienic environment, administer medications and therapy prescriptions in a timely manner,
    2. Develop/observe meal, sleep, play and study routines,
    3. Modeling appropriate play behavior by being a play and learning friend,while at the same time help teach specific skills that help children in further development,
    4. Create opportunities and activities to support a child’s strengths to help him/her feel successful and capable,
    5. Watching out for signs of any aggressive behavior and quickly intervening constructively,
    6. Provide developmentally appropriate activities to help the child feel capable and avoiding activities that can be done in only a certain way
    7. Perform other duties as assigned

For quality and efficiency, we recommend a nanny children ratio of 1:2

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