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Nurse at Home

When it comes to the handling of patients and the elderly, the what question does not quite arise, rather, the how. Professionalism calls for such qualities like the preservation of one’s dignity, upholding of one’s esteem, the show of empathy, kindness, heartfelt companionship and more. Childcare Group Africa partners with certified nurses in order to bring you this service at your convenience.

A nursing home attendant will from the onset keep a journal with records of all their daily interactions with the patient. Detailed reports on the administration of medication, dressings, therapies, hygiene, nutrition and all matters of interest including the patient’s responsiveness and the strict noting of doctor appointments will be carefully captured and confidentially handled. Our aides will also help observe and(or) develop necessary routines they may deem helpful for the general well-being of the patient. You however need to note that our services are non-medical and you will need to have a doctor attend to you before you contract us.

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