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Institutional Childcare

If you run a crèche, daycare, Montessori, a home for abandoned children, or any other institution and want professional care for your toddlers and preschoolers, then this product is especially designed for you. Our childcare attendants are knowledgeable on matters pertaining wholesome child growth in both the traditional and emergent approaches. Be it the good tracking of the developmental milestones, play and learning, general and specialized safety, nutrition and hygiene, record keeping or traveling with kids, our childminders are sure to meet and surpass your expectations.

At this crucial stage when synapses that last a life time are connecting in the little precious brains, our care providers will help expose them to as many activities and experiences as possible in order to help them absorb every lesson useful for their wholesome growth and development, and especially the learning to concentrate on and complete tasks, which is essential for the building of a child’s healthy self esteem.

An institutional Childminder will;

Keep toddlers and children dry, be concerned with tracking of developmental milestones and its evaluation, observe hygiene and safety through the disinfection toys and play equipment, cleanliness of the cribs and linen, vacuuming and keeping of clean floors, observing ground safety , clearance of potentially hazardous objects, observing routines, play and learning, good nutrition, feeding the toddlers and children, keeping of records, traveling with kids and any other duties as may be assigned.

Earn your institution credible reputation and build your clients’ confidence by hiring professionals.

For quality and efficiency, we recommend a nanny children ratio of 1:10

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