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Home Nanny

At Childcare Group Africa, we understand that finding a pair of hands competent enough to entrust with the care for your precious little ones and home can be quite a draining task. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves and indeed burn the midnight oil in order to find, evaluate, screen, and equip the right people with the knowledge and skills necessary for exemplary competence while at work. For your peace of mind, we  store valid records of all our employees and these include medical, security and educational measure ups. These  records may be found at our premises.

The process to finding you that reliable and dependable nanny is one that we uphold with a lot of care because our experience and research have taught us to anticipate your need with near accuracy.

Moreover, you have the advantage to have a nanny tailor-made to suit your unique, specific needs provided you give us enough notice (one month at least), accurate job specifications and your commitment.

Once you have started enjoying our services, you are assured of increased improvement in the quality of services because at CGA, we endeavor to keep all our employees relevant for you by running refresher training once every month.

Our customer support services also enable you to in cases of incompetence or bad attitude on the part of our employee(s), to have up to three replacements of a nanny made in an effort to help you find and settle for one who blends in well with you and family.

A home nanny will perform these among other duties;

Observe good Physical, Socio-emotional and Cognitive development of a child(ren), Preparation of baby meals as directed, cleaning and sterilization of bottles and teats, feeding baby(ies), bathing and keeping baby clean, monitoring baby’s health and effectively reporting, help develop baby sleep, play, feeding and study routines and to allow for flexibility for changes in routines, keeping baby’s environment, toys clean and disinfected, keep toys in a good working condition and stored tidily, wash and iron baby clothes, observe medical appointment dates and keep parents updated, administer medical prescriptions, offer baby friendship and companionship, take baby for walk and sun basking, ensuring baby safety, administer first aid when necessary, potty training, cleaning and disinfecting children’s potties and bathrooms, clean baby’s room, crib/bed, vacuuming children’s rooms and play areas, changing linen, general housekeeping, sorting family laundry, load washing machines, iron and fold dried items, preparing kids for school, organizing after school activities for the little ones, accompanying children to approved outside activities, provide various experiences and activities for children including songs, games and storytelling, general cooking, household errands, advice parents on the children’s progress and daily activities.

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For service quality and efficiency, we recommend a nanny children ratio of 1:3, especially where ages are tender.

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