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Corporate Crèche

Any organization that has embraced the flexibility to accommodate designated Childcare areas and crèche facilities for its employees’ convenience is indeed the organization of the future and with this trend on the rise, a service has never been so timely.

Childcare Group Africa’s Corporate Childcare is exclusively designed for the provision of services  in organizations, and child-play facilities hosted within malls who realize the importance and need for outsourcing professional childminding services.

Our guarantee is that we will staff these facilities with childcare-aware, enlightened childminders whose mandate is to deliver on our promise of Quality Childcare Services.

Duties include;

  1. Ensure the safety of the children and environment,
  2. Nutrition and hygiene where applicable,
  3. Creation of order and taking of turns where facilities are shared,
  4. Development of activities and programs that promote learning,
  5. The organization of regular major and mini events within the premises,
  6. Other duties and programs as may be assigned.

For quality and efficiency, we recommend a nanny children ratio of 1:10

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