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It is inevitable that for reasons beyond one’s control we all have to be away from the little ones who depend on our care. Even work home moms sometimes have to attend to those impromptu meetings and businesses that arise without prior planning. In such moments, even when any help would do, trust really becomes the underlying word when delegating such an enormous, closely guarded responsibility.

Questions like is their safety guaranteed? Are they competent enough? Are they morally upright? What if …? begin to arise.

To save you the dilemma, we have designed this product so that even within the shortest notice (though we recommend that you give us as much notice as possible), your need will be addressed timely and competently.

This service may be accessed hourly, or per day/night.

A babysitter would;

Arrange baby formulas as instructed, prepare infant/children meals when required to, feeding the children, cleaning and sterilization of bottles and teats, feeding baby/babies, bathing and keeping baby clean and well groomed, baby massage, monitoring baby’s health and effectively reporting, keeping baby’s environment, toys clean and disinfected, wash and iron baby clothes, administer medical prescriptions, offer friendship and companionship, take baby for walk and sun basking, ensuring baby safety, administer first aid when necessary, cleaning and disinfecting children’s potties and bathrooms, clean baby’s room, crib/bed, vacuuming children’s rooms, changing linen, accompanying of children to approved outside activities, provide various experiences and activities for children including songs, games and storytelling, carry out light housekeeping duties, perform other duties as may be called upon.

For quality and efficiency, we recommend a nanny children ratio of 1:2 where ages are tender

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