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Client Standard Procedure

Here’s a detailed 6 step process to the usage of any CGA & GS service;

  1. Expression of interest by the potential client,
  2. Our company official (who is also an estimator) visits the physical location/premises where the services will be rendered for a comprehensive assessment, recommendation and gives a quotation. He/she will also answer any questions the potential client may have to their satisfaction,
  3. (Optional) An interview will be arranged between the potential client and one or a few of our candidates then a selection made, or the client may trust us to make a pick of a service provider on their behalf,
  4. A commencement date will then be determined, followed by the signing of a contract,
  5. Employee reports to his/her duty station on the starting date and time promptly, work begins,
  6. The company offers support services to its employee and client throughout the period of the contract.

Upon arrival, we recommend that the client accord the employee a week’s grace period to acclimatise with the new working environment and also acquaint him/herself with the working standards, any equipment and machines as you guide them through.

We also recommend that the client will create a written/printed list of what they want done in order of priority and detail, and any rules and regulations of how things are run in their premises so that any gap of disappointment will as much as possible be closed.