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About Us

Childcare Group Africa is by all standards your dependable, reliable and trustworthy partner on all matters childcare and home services. We are a provider who seeks to build business relationships that are founded upon quality services provision, those that target to bring about a favorable, betterment difference to all we interact and engage with.

Our point of view of work and one that we implore all our employees and clients, present and prospective to embrace is that of partnership.

Partnership in the sense that we all are brought together by related interests and therefore purpose, and that we all can offer something and be part of the solution we seek. It is through holding hands that we realize and can harness true value and strength, which when carefully tapped would satisfactorily deliver for the vacuums we each seek to fill.

We provide this platform for all who seek to serve and be served. Our commitment is one of adding true value to all we engage with through the proper equipping for flawless competence, service, and work.


We endeavour to excel in the comprehensive equipping of our employees with knowledge and skills relevant for competence and excellence in respective fields. While at it, we also seek to understand our clients’ (and prospective) unique needs and find ways to meet them through best service.


That we be your preferred partner in the provision of quality childcare, home and related services in our bid to help create healthier, richer and more sound societies.


Trust, Service, Value.

Our Promise and guarantee

Quality Childcare Services.