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They say boys will always be boys. What of the girls? We are yet to find a suitable phrase for the kind and caring and lovable females in our midst. When is mothers’ day everyone? I have a few people to celebrate.

Daughters have always been their dads’ favorite. It’s an axiom, not debatable to be precise. Fathers have time and again displayed their not so friendly protective claws over anyone that would hurt their little princesses. So why are they so much attached? Is it the chemistry, fate or that smile that made them fall for their wives in the first place? Anyone?

While boys are good with their hands, girls are better at it. Girls mimic what they see and are more likely to pretend taking care of a baby or feeding. Three year olds have also tried washing their plates with the moms. They are also highly likely to start eating on their own.

Girls are also good listeners and thus they start talking first. At about a year they have a few vocabularies up their sleeves. Boys take a month or so latter. On listening, they become more engaged to a human voice rather than other sounds, such as a whistle or rattle. At 16 months, the talking capabilities are far much distinguishable as they produce as much as 100 words, while the average boy can only manage a meager 30. The bridge narrows however as they grow and at about 2 ½ years, both genders have an average of 500 words each. These statistics are however on an average level and hence may differ depending on the child or their surroundings.

Since we already know that boys are attracted to a crowd, it is interesting to note that girls on the other hand prefer single faces, especially female. They are able to identify several facial expressions and respond to them, such as a frown or smile.

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