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“It’s a boy/ girl!” probably the most musical phrase to every other mother out there. Okay, not just any mother, but one in a labor ward, recently pregnant.

When children are born, parents’ first curiosity is to find out if they are a girl or a boy. Even though all the fun has been spoilt by the evolution of medical technology (where the sex of a child can be identified a few months into pregnancy). Unlike the previous decades, atleast that’s what we were made to believe, children of a particular gender were preferred to another. I’ll spare you the reasons, which range from religious to cultural beliefs. Sigh!

Despite all, he’s here already; bouncy baby boy with his father’s eyes and mothers ears, so cute and innocent. This piece focuses on what to expect of him, his behavior and growth within his first years. On a light note though, I won’t be held accountable if your young ninja doesn’t display any of the said characteristics.

In a study, a truck and a doll were both given to little boys. Most of them, a whopping 85% to be particular, went for the truck. This basically means that they are lovers of motion. They are also very active. Compared to girls, the boy child gets injured more times by the time they are five years. Boys are playful and jumpy. They enjoy using their energy and tend to move about more often.

Boys are also very good with their hands. They are always holding objects and touching this and that. At a later age they manipulate and even try to repair their toys.

Without any doubt, the boy child is comparatively fearless. reveals that when moms made a fearful face as their 12-months old approached a toy, the boys disregarded the mom and went for the plaything while the girls slowed their approach. In other cases, boys prefer crowds compared to looking at a single face. Newborn babies, they say, would rather look at a mobile phone than a single face, they say.

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